Today, 1 in 8 COLLEGE GRADUATES report being underemployed while companies continue to struggle to find skilled workers to fill open positions.

Working with NWCA means your organization is committed to bridging the gap between prospective or current employees and job vacancies.


NWCA offers an extensive catalog of certification and microcredential exams for the industries with the largest employment needs. All NWCA exams can be delivered as standalone solutions or easily mapped and aligned your institution’s specific programs. Earning digital badges allows your students or employees to showcase their unique skills that may otherwise be overlooked.


NWCA digital badges recognize earners for the skills they learn in the classroom as well as the experience and expertise they gain throughout their careers.  Many times, those changing careers have skills and abilities that may not be easily identifiable because of a particular job title or industry that doesn't translate to potential employers.  Digital badges from NWCA create an objective, uniform standard by which individuals can showcase their skills and employers can evaluate qualifications, regardless of educational degrees or background.  

NWCA exams area available online, anytime, from anywhere. NWCA certifications and microcredenials are offered using convenient technology solutions that allow earners to effortlessly register and test in a secure environment.  

Once an exam is passed, individuals earn a digital badge signifying their achievement.  Gone are the days of paper certificates that hang at home for no one else to see.  Rather, our digital badging solution allows earners to share their achievements with prospective employers, peers on platforms like CampusEd to gain recognition fot the knowledge and skills they possess regardless of age or background.  Digital badges tell employers when the badge was earned, what it addressed, whether/when it may expire and verifies that this student does, in fact, have the qualifications you're seeking.  


NWCA can help your organization to quickly and easily create digital badges that work for you! Select from NWCA's vast catalog of exam titles or create custom exams from our item bank and skills frameworks.  NWCA offers an approach to skills verification that is aligned to the needs of your institution, your learner and your partners.  

Each exam is built from scalable, objective-driven question pools to form comprehensive assessments that validate educational skills and competencies.  This building-block approach allows NWCA exams to be easily separated into discrete microcredentials and/or combined with other question pools to create custom, comprehensive credentialling exams tailored to your specific needs.  In addition, custom question pools can be developed by our expert team of assessment and instructional designers to meet your organization's specific educational goals. NWCA can also work with your organization to create unique assessments and digital badges that representative of your organization.

Are you ready to offer digital badges from NWCA? Contact us today to learn more.